Friday, August 17, 2012

 August 17, 2012

Day 2

The first day of service began with a short bus ride over to a nonprofit called Bread for the City. Bread for the city is a one stop shop for things like food, medical care and legal advice. After a brief tour of the facilities, we headed up to the roof top garden. The roof top garden consisted of different fruits and vegetables such as honeydew, eggplant and peanuts. We watered all of the plants with collected rainwater. On the corner of the rooftop were russian bees. We learned that the russian bees are much more calm then other breeds. After watering, plungers moved onto the orchard to do some mulching. While at the orchard, we learned that the Asian pear trees are better than American pear trees. The other group of plungers went to the Regency house. After sorting food, plungers created commodity bags to deliver to the elderly and disabled. Delivery was more than an adventure for all. 

For a midday snack, we headed to the best pizza place in DC. After walking a good 456 miles, plungers made it to Jumbo Slice. After enjoying the massive slice (seen below), we walked/rolled back to the church where we reside.  

Tonight we prepared and served dinner to the homeless in Washington DC.  We created a spicy stir fry and Lasagna.  The dinner was served to about 40 homeless and ourselves.  We ate along side the homeless and had great conversations with them.  Some of them funny and others heartfelt.  At the end of the meal we wrapped things up with a debrief.  The Plungers were touched, inspired, and  moved by the people they just met.  Apparently us group leaders should stay away from cooking because it was toooooo SPICY!  Opps.  

We are looking forward to another service day tomorrow.  Good night all.

Quotes of the Day

"Wealth isn't in the money you make it is in the peoples lives you change." - Tommy Boy

"I'll suffer the price for Jumbo Slice" - J Riggs

Thanks to the Chief Editor Greg Snyder for all your corrections!!!

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