Sunday, August 19, 2012

Day 4


Plungers awoke way too early this morning to depart from our urban home. Our drive to Noke took around 4.5 hours. Once arriving at the Chinese buffet, Plungers got to meet the one and only Mrs. Griffin. We had a "wonderful" meal at the restaurant. Did you know that Chinese buffet has AMAZING french fries? Next came grocery shopping. Well that was an experience!!! After our crazy shopping trip, we had another 3 hours to BEAUTIFUL St Paul. Once we rode up the windy road, plungers make it to their new home for the next few days. Grace House is run by the cutest couple, Jerry and Anita. After a wonderful spaghetti dinner and reflection, all are ready for bed.

Quote of the day

"Those vines can kill you if you lay in them. Well if you were to lay in them for like 60 years."-Giggle Box (aka Mollie Gleason)
"I drive everywhere even to the mailbox. Screw walking!"- Momo

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