Saturday, August 18, 2012

August 18, 2012

Day 3

Well...... the traveling to the Capital Food Bank could have gone better, but that thing they call the Metro did not serve us well!!!  They shut down our route.  We finally got to the Food Bank (just an hour late!). Opps.  There we meet a beautiful/wonder/sweet lady, Ms. Oye.  She was full of energy which made this service site very meaningful for everyone. At the Capital Food Bank we cleaned and packaged canned food.  Later found out we may have packaged some things wrong.  Did you know there difference between tomato products and spaghetti sauce?! We didn't either!

The other plungers worked very hard gleaning. All the food that was collected ended up at the Capital Area Food Bank. The plungers worked hard in fields collecting various vegetables and fruits. They even had time to make up a skit and preform it, while the other group did a lot of improvising.

After our great adventures, we returned to YSOP to have a couple of activities in order for us to reflect on our time here. Once the reflection was done, we headed over to Pho DC for a true Vietnamese dinner. Once finished with Pho DC, a quick tour of Chinatown was in store. Then the real fun happened! We went and saw the White House. Did you know there isn't a front door? Just a north side and a south side, but the south side is where the back lawn is. Then we saw the cracked Washington Monument. Some were nervous it would crumble and fall, but all pieces held tight.  Now we are in our "comfy" beds and ready for a full day of traveling. See you later, DC. Its been great, but Anita and Jerry are waiting our arrival in beautiful St. Paul, VA.

Quotes of the Day

"It's two syllables"- Robin Hood (aka Robby)
"This has been a life changing experience and I've taken a lot from it but now all I want to do is leave this place in a better state than I found it and make a lot of people happy along the way. Hi Mom!"- Momo (aka Morgan)

Shout out to Rich and Laura at YSOP for all of their hard work last night and today and thanks to Kendra for spending the night with us.

Thanks to the Chief Editor Greg Snyder for all your corrections!!!

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